Creating a Financial Performance Analytics Platform for a Big Four Leader

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Immediate situational awareness through relevant data and efficient analytics of said data is paramount for financial services enterprises.

With each business affected by a myriad of external and internal factors, it is nearly impossible for financial analysts to keep track of all the circumstances impacting the financial performance of a particular company.

Things get even more complex for analysts when they try to gauge the financial performance of several businesses at once.


Transitioning from manual aggregation and processing of unstructured data to gain a consolidated view of financial performance

Our Big Four client sought to enhance their existing data aggregation and analytics workflows, recognizing the opportunity for improving end-to-end processes. They used manual data collection and analytics with data being dispersed across numerous documents, spreadsheets, and archives. The client’s teams needed immediate access to relevant data, which would drastically improve decision-making. On top of that, they required changes in the tedious process of updating the financial data that demanded constant monitoring of numerous external sources.

The client turned to Trinetix, as a long-time digital product partner, to explore the opportunities for creating a comprehensive platform that would streamline data aggregation and enable a single real-time view on analytics.


A comprehensive app combining financial data from a multitude of sources and driving actionable insights for financial analysts

The client approached us with a vision for the financial performance analytics platform, which we have discussed and analyzed throughout the product discovery phase. The key idea was to create a unified platform that helps analysts make better-informed decisions by providing instant access to financial data, audit reports, and analytics. 

Our Experience Design team researched the client’s user flows to understand what information employees need for their daily work, created information architecture, and designed a highly intuitive interface. Considering the vast scope of aggregated data, the application had to be simple and intuitive to ensure quick onboarding and accelerated time-to-value. 

It was also essential to guarantee cross-platform performance and provide the users with a solution that runs smoothly both on mobile devices and desktops while maintaining quality and robust functionality. That is why we created the application design for different screen resolutions to ensure it looks and feels as intuitive on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

As a part of the product discovery, we designed a PoC that showcased the product’s key features covering end-user needs and expanding upon the client’s initial ideas.

The core design feature was the introduction of a comprehensive, fully customizable company dashboard that grants access to intuitive real-time analysis of social factors, stock market news, company earning reports, technical analysis, forecasts, and other aspects that can affect stock prices.

The system aggregates information from all over the web in one place

A user can subscribe to a specific company, add it to My Company list, and use the dashboard to view statistics for that company—customizing the view with all the key indicators of interest. They can also see news related to the company from the web (via RSS) and access documentation concerning financial performance.


On top of that, the application’s design had to correspond to the company’s overall brand identity. Our team worked within the client’s brand guidelines to make sure the application fits their toolkit.



Maximizing the efficiency of finance teams and promoting accurate decision-making with a unified data aggregation and analytics platform

The product designed by Trinetix Experience Design team helps analysts make better-informed decisions by providing access to comprehensive financial data, audit reports, and real-time analytics aggregated from across the web within a single application.

The delivered solution takes the accuracy and efficiency of finance analysts to another level, ensuring:

Holistic view of performance

By automatically consolidating data from diverse sources, a unified financial performance view enables immediate situational awareness and efficient incident resolution.

Accelerated time-to-value

An easy-to-learn application that consolidates all of the necessary features with no redundancies reducing training time and accelerating value for the business.

Intuitive experiences

A custom solution containing specifically designed features relevant for the client’s financial teams reducing the time spent on tasks.

Access from any device

Finance teams can access the data from any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more; all they need is a browser.

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