Achieving AI-Powered Digital Maturity in Global Logistics

A mission-driven handbook on the implementation of AI and generative AI in modern supply chains

The 2024 global supply chain landscape is still uncertain. Characterized by intense consumer demand, persistent labor shortage, and growing need for transparency—current market dynamics requires players to make an actionable move towards end-to-end resilience and digital maturity.

In response to changing circumstances and heightened consumer expectations, logistics providers gradually turn to implementing AI and machine learning. Key market players increasingly report making use of generative AI as a way to develop greater adaptability, enhance risk mitigation, optimize demand planning, and boost overall productivity.

Inspired by successful industry use cases and Trinetix’s hands-on experience with innovation adoption, we created this e-book with one ambitious yet practical aim: help logistics and supply chain leaders leverage AI to gain a 360 advantage—from operations to customer experiences.

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