Trinetix and Emergest Announce Merger to Enable Technology Delivery Globalization

Emergest’s robust business development expertise helping fuel Trinetix’s continued global expansion

Building on a strategic business partnership, Trinetix welcomes Emergest’s founders, Boris Bukengolts and Sam Ferrise, to Trinetix's executive committee in a move that takes their collaboration to the next level. Bukengolts and Ferrise will serve as Trinetix’s Chief Delivery Officer (CDO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), respectively.

This transition marks a milestone in Trinetix's growth story—powering their global expansion strategy and strengthening US market presence. With a new corporate office opened in one of the US fastest growing technology hubs (Nashville, Tennessee), Trinetix became closer to forward-thinking businesses and gained more opportunities to engage with potential clients. 

The alliance with Emergest will help Trientix maximize the value gained from interacting with the robust business and technology landscape of Nashville—and accelerate the scaling of services across the US and beyond.

Emergest’s portfolio and partner network will enable new revenue streams and enhance Trinetix’s already extensive experience in professional services, digital product delivery, and business development; Emergest will benefit from Trinetix’s top-tier talent and deep expertise in AI/ML, intelligent automation, web and mobile development, data analytics, and experience design. 

Our collective Big Four experience and Emergest’s unique industry insights will let us diversify our client portfolio and introduce new value to business leaders in the US and worldwide. Having Boris and Sam on our team will advance us to new heights—and continue our journey of growth and global scaling of services.

Trinetix and Emergest are building a larger story based on common values and a shared drive for innovation that delivers meaningful impact globally.

We are joining forces to capitalize on synergies and enhance Trinetix services for US enterprise clients. By leveraging each other's strengths, we aim to provide more comprehensive and sophisticated technology delivery services, ensuring superior quality, unparalleled efficiency, and creative innovation.


Trinetix is a trusted digital product partner of one of the Big Four leaders, extending its expertise and technology realization skills to world-renowned enterprises and fast-growing businesses globally. Trinetix leverages and masters 360° innovation to provide exclusive enterprise enablement strategies and make ambitious leaders’ goals a digital reality. 

Having developed unique and award-winning products for clients, Trinetix is driven to pioneer solutions that create external and internal value, drive global change, and set new standards for quality and productivity. 


Founded by former Big Four technology leaders, Emergest is a global alliance of digital and creative agencies that empowers emerging technology delivery by bringing over 20 years of experience in professional services and business development. They delivered enterprise solutions across risk management, government services, compliance, fintech, talent, smart energy, manufacturing, insurance, retail, entertainment, travel, and hospitality leveraging diverse teams, unique insights, and technology delivery globalization approach.

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