Introducing a New Member of the Trinetix Group—Dexola

Sasha Strozhemin
CEO at Trinetix
Murat Prokopov
CEO at Dexola

With the power to further globalization, blockchain introduces new layers of data security, speed, and accuracy—creating opportunities for new efficiencies across industries. Yet, the future success or failure of blockchain solutions will be determined by how well these fit within the target client’s business model and regulatory landscape.

To bring the best the world of blockchain has to offer, Trinetix corporation introduces a new powerful player to the blockchain market—Dexola.

Dexola opens a new strategic direction at Trinetix, reinforcing our teams with deep domain expertise, and empowering us to expand our services and market reach across industries with the help of disruptive tech.

Backed by valuable insights and practices from its mature partner, Dexola’s service offerings are designed to meet the growing demands for more transparent, compliant, tamper-proof, and flexible solutions.

The team specializes in smart contracts, including CEX/DEX exchanges, custodian solutions, business process automation, DeFi, and GameFi products, and provides crypto legal consulting services to help companies successfully navigate blockchain regulations.

At Dexola, we believe that compliance and regulations are the future of cryptocurrency’s mass adoption as these are the building blocks of modern societal governance. That’s why we strive to bring transparency and trust into this area via our own example.

The launch of Dexola marks an exciting new chapter for Trinetix and highlights the company's commitment to delivering innovative and transformative digital solutions to world-renowned brands globally.

If you’re ready to experience Dexola yourself—let’s chat and see how we can help you turn blockchain technology into a value driver.

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