Highly Integrated Digital Workplace for Fortune 500’s Operational Efficiency

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Optimizing assistant workflows to enable smarter ways of working

Employees and their productivity are the building blocks of every successful organization. Using technology to automate and optimize mundane processes allows workers to focus on value-generating tasks—driving improved retention, workplace satisfaction, and productivity.

For that reason, our Fortune 500 client was striving to optimize the daily workflow of admin assistants (supporting multiple managing directors). This included managing their calendars, business expenses, emails and processing a myriad of requests across channels.

Timely responses and delegation were critical. However, the existing manual process involved multiple steps, tools, and manager approvals—making the entire experience time-consuming and cumbersome.

The company needed a single, efficient system:

  • providing instant access to required information
  • allowing to perform quick actions with just one click
  • eliminating human error and paper-based workflows


Providing a smart, hyper-connected solution for real-time visibility and process efficiency

Trinetix participated in a series of discovery workshops and design sessions with key stakeholders to reveal their primary needs and pain points, conceptualize ideas, and provide a tailored roadmap.

The scope of our work covered the entire development lifecycle—from strategy and UX/UI design to incremental delivery, user acceptance testing, and continuous optimization.

Our team handled the business logic, user flows, and scoping—identifying and prioritizing key features and components of the future solution.

Later, we presented a vision for an integrated digital workplace (DW)—aimed at connecting silos, simplifying task management, and increasing efficiencies across the assistants’ workflow.

Our DW enables end-users to easily access real-time data and tools required to perform their day-to-day work via comprehensive and easily configurable dashboards. It utilizes AI/ML to automatically create tasks or tickets and categorize them by extracting key intelligence from emails.

Throughout the project, our team identified critical dependencies, potential bottlenecks and advised on effective ways to optimize the process. This helped mitigate risks, process inconsistencies and facilitate smooth end-user onboarding.

As a result, the delivered digital workspace allowed admin assistants to more easilyapprove requests, streamline tedious processes, and gain instant mobile-based access to the right tools and insights. Leveraging SAFe principles, we eliminated unnecessary steps, delays and ensured complete process transparency.


Enabling employees to be more productive and efficient — saving money, time, and sanity in the long run

Trinetix multidisciplinary team delivered an intelligent digital workplace—providing instant access to real-time data, custom components, and third-party tools via comprehensive dashboards.

This hyper-connected virtual space replaces multiple systems, driving impactful results:

  • $450K+ cost savings annually
  • 7K+ hours liberated on a yearly basis
  • increased operational efficiency
  • risk mitigation via real-time visibility
  • improved service quality and accessibility
  • increased speed and decision-making accuracy
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