Operationalizing RPA at Scale with an Enterprise Automation CoE

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Establishing an automation CoE to enable enterprise-grade efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness

Our Fortune 500 client was striving to gain a competitive edge and optimize hundreds of manual processes through the use of robotic process automation (an emerging trend at that point). However, the company required expert guidance on the best implementation scenarios and tech to effectively onboard and scale automation from the ground up.

Considering our strong track record in operationalization and advanced information technology training services, the company chose Trinetix to develop an automation center of excellence (CoE) and supply their ITS department with strong governance, quality assurance, and a refined strategy for successful enterprise adoption. Such CoE allows for rapid business transformation and scaling while controlling the costs and associated risks.


Enabling, governing, and scaling automation effectively to ensure it brings the expected value and ROI

Our senior analysts reviewed the client’s current state, business priorities, and process definition document (PDD) to identify gaps, areas for improvement, and advice on the best automation approach.

We’ve described optimal automation scenarios, evaluated and prioritized risks along with dependencies (that could potentially disrupt the process), and presented a PoC to showcase the expected value and outputs.

Trinetix focus areas while establishing an RPA center of excellence included:

  • Providing tech excellence and advisory on best practices and implementation scenarios.
  • Managing and standardizing the flows, responsibilities, and QA processes.
  • Building a strong community of proactive, self-managed, and value-driven professionals through detailed culture-fit interviews and laser focus on quality.
  • Defining strategic KPIs, tracking and measuring the progress, and ensuring continuous process optimization.
  • Building seamless interactions between the users and bots. Our team continuously analyzed end-user needs, expectations, and interactions (before and after the implementation) to ensure the most intuitive and frictionless UX.
  • Simplifying employee adaptation by providing educational support through tailor-made resources (e.g., guides) and training sessions.
  • Breaking down silos by building a shared understanding and connecting employees via daily ceremonies and standups.
  • Providing educational services in the field of information technology, in particular, training in relation to software engineering, design, RPA, and quality assurance.

Our team introduced a hybrid delivery model—utilizing and adapting market-leading practices and methodologies to specific client needs. This allowed us to operationalize the process with the required speed and efficiency.

In addition to building and orchestrating a CoE, we’ve created a centralized system allowing the client’s team to easily track and control automation initiatives (based on UIPath and Blue Prism). Our system provided complete transparency into the performance and health of bots and processes.

To unlock the solution's unrestrained growth, we’ve later shifted to a fully custom, platform-agnostic approach. This allowed us to reduce associated costs, vendor dependencies, and enable more rapid technology onboarding and scaling.


Speeding and scaling automation efforts through end-to-end operationalization — with clearly defined roles, KPIs, and continuous process innovation

Our team built a CoE that functioned as a single organism and a so-called enterprise factory for bot creation, powering business-aligned productivity and enabling other enterprise units to become more efficient.

What’s more, our unique platform-agnostic solution enabled the client’s team to conveniently launch, monitor, and control bots, as well as easily scale automation as the demand grew. Meanwhile, our educational services in the field of software development enabled the client to establish a productive and intuitive onboarding procedure for employees operating within the transformed processes.

Trinetix’s strategic, customer-centric approach to automation eventually led to:

  • Cross-organizational technology fitting
  • Simplified new business onboarding
  • Predictable, well-controlled, and scalable automations
  • Optimized solutions with a longer lifespan
  • Increased ROI and company-wide adoption
  • Accelerated delivery and risk reduction based on thorough process discovery

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