Automating Internal Financial Audit for a Fortune 500 Client

A Fortune 500 company
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Ineffective manual process hindering internal financial audit

To check compliance of employees’ business expenses with existing policies and eliminate violations, the client used to go through the following process:

  • Retrieving expense data for 100K+ employees from several sources.
  • Validating multiple types of expenses and transactions by checking them against numerous rules.
  • The most time-consuming part: contacting policy violators with individual email notifications, including details on detected violations.

The audit was performed manually by skilled personnel with a high pay rate. As it happens with the most mundane tasks, the process was slow, expensive, error-prone, and altogether ineffective.


An end-to-end custom automation solution and an opportunity to optimize the overall automation effort

Trinetix’s RPA CoE conducted a thorough analysis of the entire process of expenses auditing to define opportunities for optimization and efficiency.

A part of the process could be covered only with UI automation, which typically implies using an RPA platform to implement the solution. Nevertheless, we succeeded in the custom development of a specific component for UI interaction. This allowed us to use the platformless approach to the solution as a whole to ensure vendor independence, scalability, and cost-efficiency. As a result, we’ve designed and delivered a custom SAP automation solution covering the entire process, from personal data files compilation to personalized email follow-ups.

The custom UI interaction component mentioned above is reusable, and it is already being leveraged for multiple solutions. With this component, we’ve made it possible to switch from platform-based solutions to custom development for dozens of high-value processes that involve such UI interaction. In this way, we’ve provided the client with an opportunity to optimize the company’s overall automation effort.


Now, checking the expense policy compliance is a smooth, accurate and efficient process with optimized resource utilization and actionable communication

  • Precision in targeting violators, correct claim amounts
  • Qualified personnel are now free from the procedure’s mundane parts and can focus on resolving the detected violations
  • Persuasive communication due to individualized automatic follow-ups

We’ve made it possible to apply the platformless approach to automation for a vast range of processes, providing flexibility, cost-efficiency and scalability of solutions.

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