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Achieving freight acquisition process consistency with an integrated solution

Sage Freight is a fast-growing brokerage firm providing cost-efficient and reliable transportation and third-party logistics services to global shippers and US-based carriers.

The company aimed to create a unique freight acquisition system that would help transportation companies and 3PL providers overcome the variability of diverse tools and data sources with a single innovation-enabled platform bysolving several industry-specific challenges:

  • Demand fluctuations and price volatility
  • Manual spot budding
  • Limited freight data visibility

A dedicated digital application would become the company’s core business enablement asset, enhancing process efficiency and providing a clear competitive advantage in the growing market.

Considering our strong expertise in delivering productized business solutions and a fundamental impact-driven approach to innovation, Sage Freight approached Trinetix for the development of an MVP solution.


Creating a one-stop logistics system for solving major freight sourcing pain points

During the initial discovery phase, the Trinetix team identified underlying business needs and pain points to define the scope and suggest an optimal product vision.

Based on discovered insights, we’ve mapped a solution designed to help the client accurately and efficiently cover the whole spectrum of transportation challenges through a consolidated and portable workplace for freight acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

Our team also developed a tailored delivery model based on Sage Freight’s needs and current infrastructure, allowing the client to quickly onboard new technology, apply market-leading practices, and ensure predictable budgets and timelines.

  • Enabling centralized access to freight data 

Previously ensuring efficient quote acquisition and freight operations required using dedicated third-party transportation management (TMS) and rate management (RMS) tools as well as involved holistic freight data analytics. Trinetix's solution seamlessly brought together required data from 15 different sources within a single platform.  

  • Leveraging tailored data analytics and reporting

Consolidating distributed data empowered Sage Freight to gather the details needed for facilitating more accurate bids. This, in turn, allowed the company to leverage real-time analytics and implement robust BI reporting, enabling timely responses to emerging market opportunities and future predictions based on historical data.

  • Bringing automation to the core of freight operations

Withmanual processes hindering freight operations and negatively impacting the company’s revenues, implementing intelligent process automation was the only actionable way out. Applying RPA and smart workflow automation allowed the client to increase the number and quality of obtained and won freights, reduce the time needed for successful quote acquisition, and mitigate the human factor throughout the freight acquisition lifecycle. 

  • Building a user-centric information architecture 

Ensuring successful solution implementation required building intuitive and coherent digital experiences that align with user needs and goals. That’s why we developed a clear and scalable information architecture and introduced a set of reusable components that facilitated the smooth adoption of new features, enabling quick and efficient system scaling—going far beyond the MVP solution.

Facilitating E2E business enablement: from an MVP to sustainable product growth



Our future-forward mindset and strategic approach to innovation and product development allowed the client to quickly validate their initial idea with real users and gain stakeholder buy-in. As a result, the company proceeded from an MVP to a full-scale product that satisfies the major transportation needs of both shippers and carriers, acting as a critical digital asset for successful freight management.  

Our ongoing partnership with Sage Freight has brought the company several competitive advantages:

  • Increased decision-making accuracy by introducing essential capabilities and facilitating data-driven risk mitigation.
  • Elevated operational efficiency by providing users with centralized access to all freight data, eliminating data silos.
  • Boosted revenue potential by detecting high-value bidding opportunities and streamlining quote acquisition to process X5 more freight quotes.
  • Fast business scaling through building a consistent product architecture and introducing a sustainable innovation adoption culture.
  • New growth opportunities by removing data blind spots and introducing cross-system process automation.

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