Agmark: Strategy-First Shipping Industry Product Transformation

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Agmark, an intermodal shipping industry leader specializing in global shipment of bulk liquids, made a decision to transform and scale their current legacy system in accordance with the industry-common requirements for modernization and innovation. Agmark assigned the design works to Trinetix as the company’s trusted digital partner with the experience of driving successful product transformations within a strategic, usability-first approach. 


Reimagining the client’s internal system through strategy-first approach combined with solid expertise in logistics

Close communication and collaboration with the client’s product team became the foundation for successful project completion. Before the transformation project, we worked closely with the Agmark representatives as a small dedicated team, diving deep into the context, company-specific issues, and business vision. That knowledge became crucial when we transitioned into a built-in design team for product transformation.

We applied our domain expertise in logistics and the niche’s current top-of-mind pain points to enrich the end product vision and map out the transformation strategy. Having located the improvement areas, our team concentrated on delivering these improvements within a brand-friendly framework.

The creation of a new design system was one of such improvements offered and implemented by our design team. This step was necessary for enabling accelerated feature delivery, ensuring product scalability, and laying the foundation for future product upgrades. 

The design system Trinetix delivered for Agmark standardized the product’s visual language, provided improved navigation, and facilitated content search. It also introduced necessary capabilities for turning client’s ideas regarding real-time freight management, financial operations, and customer operations into high-performing features

With its implementation, we were able to reduce redundant activities, cutting out the unnecessary flows and introducing new ones to the interface. We also optimized the processes of rebuilding the internal product, and translated the company’s existing, foundational workflows into the new layout, enhancing the operational experience.  

By introducing an innovative design system and UI, Trinetix equipped Agmark on-premise solution with scalability, value-building features, and future-proof functionality. To further ensure product’s accessibility and flexibility, we laid in all necessary components for adopting the Agmark system to mobile devices in the future. 

Our design system, strategic recommendations, and deep involvement in the process empowered Agmark to facilitate operational routines and secure top quality implementation of performance-enhancing concepts. 


The personalized future-proof product transformation by Trinetix led to cost optimization, efficiency boost, and innovation enablement throughout the enterprise

The result of our work for Agmark was a comprehensive and scalable internal company system that enhanced the client’s workflow with flexibility. The product provided an environment for developing sustainable improvement ideas into ready-to-use capabilities, resulting in the following productivity upgrades:

  • More flexible logistics processorganization brought by the reduction of modules in the logistics management system
  • Optimized task completion for dispatchers and logistics operators via integrating features for faster operator communication and data tracking
  • Improved coverage of customer operations followed by enhanced data transparency and faster service delivery
  • Cost reduction delivered by faster time-to-resolution and streamlined service completion
  • Potential for wider accessibility and operational efficiency due to the product’s built-in compatibility with mobile devices
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