Joi: Boosting Product Growth via Better Mobile App Experience

Joi, a Texas-based tech company
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The limitations of the existing web application and voice service started hindering the growth of the client's business

A mobile application was needed to unleash the full potential of the unique service.

Joi Delivers, an online courier & delivery service, is a comprehensive offer going far beyond standard food delivery. It is a network of drivers ready to deliver almost anything deliverable both to and from the customer, which includes running complex and non-standard errands.

The service is provided through the company’s website and call center; drivers take orders through a mobile application.

At the early stage of the business development, these channels were enough to build an initial consumer base and communicate with the first customers. After the service proved its viability and relevance to the customer needs, it became clear that new channels needed to be added. The limitations of the web app and voice service, mainly in terms of customer experience, soon started hindering business growth, which was unacceptable.

A mobile application for customers was a tool of choice to stimulate more frequent and broader use of the service and provide due personalization, security, and convenience.


The mobile application with a set of features carefully balanced to ensure the most active and broad use of the service under the shortest possible time to market

The initial request from the client was a mobile tool for placing orders only.

But we changed the task once we analyzed such aspects as:

  • Target audiences in terms of their needs, habits, experience, and expectations from delivery and courier services.
  • User journey with its exceptions and corner cases.
  • Existing offerings and their service applications.

Our analysis showed that the mobile application could do much more to unleash the potential of the unique service we work with. The task was, though, to find the right balance between functionality and time to market.

Based on our findings, we’ve defined a subset of features that need the shortest possible time for development and yet can deliver a rewarding experience ensuring more active use of the service. Besides placing orders, we’ve added such features as communication with drivers, location-based recommendations, and a clearly structured catalog of services that is easy to use.

The features, which we’ve backlogged for the future, include splitting bills, multi-step errands, and a loyalty program. It will add even more value to this exceptional offering and help strengthen customers’ bond with the brand.

Initially, the service offered multiple types of delivery, and then we’ve added several more features to make the experience comprehensive. As a result, when it came to UI, our task was to ensure that our users wouldn’t get lost in this abundance of opportunities. At the same time, we needed them to pay attention to all the options they would have. So, whereas the concept development was mostly about creating new opportunities for the customers, the UX part was an exercise in unification, notably in structuring the available services and making new order controls.


Implementing this mobile application concept will lead to more frequent and broader use of the service by the existing customers, stimulating them to entrust Joi Delivers with more and more daily errands

Moreover, as the mobile application per se will significantly improve the brand perception, attracting new customers will become easier.

For drivers, who are a crucially important audience for the company, the application will naturally bring more clients and more orders. In addition, the opportunity to contact clients directly when running their errands will minimize misunderstanding. All this will contribute to making drivers’ experience with Joi Delivers more enjoyable, which will help reduce the churn rate for the company’s benefit.

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