Leveraging Automation to Unlock Untapped Revenue Potential for Sage Freight

Sage Freight
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Intelligent Automation


Leveraging automation to win more freights and gain a centralized view of spot freight data for competitive bidding

Sage Freight is a US-based brokerage firm providing tailored transportation solutions. The company approached Trinetix with a desire to leverage automation to scale business by increasing the number of obtained and won freights.

Manual spot bidding, limited freight data visibility, and daily fluctuations made it difficult for the business to adjust intelligently and ensure successful bidding. What’s more, the existing freight tendering process was time-intensive and error-prone, involving multiple actions and continuous engagement with over 20 load portals to reach the desired target.

Therefore, the company needed a single easy-to-use tool to reduce the manual load and obtain a centralized view of spot freight data for competitive bidding.


Providing an optimized solution vision for automation — enabling faster decision-making, optimal quote generation, and smarter bidding

During the initial discovery phase, Trinetix automation CoE identified underlying business needs and pain points, conducted requirements analysis and stakeholder interviews to define the scope, prioritize features, and suggest an optimal vision.

Based on discovered insights, we’ve mapped a solution to help the client accelerate spot bidding by automatically processing and consolidating freight quote data from multiple portals in a single centralized space and presented our vision for leadership buy-in.

Our team also developed a tailored delivery model based on Sage Freight’s needs and current infrastructure, allowing the client to quickly onboard new technology, leverage market-leading practices, and ensure predictable budgets and timelines.

Trinetix scope of work covered the entire cycle—from identifying business needs and building a design vision to risk mitigation, solution (MVP) implementation, and scaling.

As a result of the MVP phase, our team delivered a consolidated and portable workplace with freight quotes from multiple portals, providing:

  • a unified and convenient space
  • complete data for more accurate bids
  • frequent (5-10 min) updates
  • automated notification handling
  • data for analysis and justification for reverse selling


Empowering the client to win more deals through faster and more efficient freight bidding

Our MVP solution provided an automated flow of freight quotes from customers within a single shared space, allowing the client to:

  • process more freight quotes within the same amount of time
  • reduce the manual load for account executives
  • increase decision-making accuracy
  • ensure faster business scaling
  • boost revenue potential by bidding on untapped spot market loads

In the foreseeable future, Sage Freight and Trinetix are planning to extend the system’s functionality with:

  • automated bidding for general freights—requiring zero human intervention
  • BI reporting to help the client reveal new growth opportunities