Enriching Business Entity Relationships Research with 360-Degree Data Visibility

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Enabling a centralized view of data across multiple enterprise systems for streamlined decision-making and reporting

A Fortune 500 client reached out to Trinetix for consulting and advisory assistance regarding ways to reinvent and digitize their approach to data management. 

The company realized the need for transformation upon exploring the constraints limiting the client partners' performance and discovering the lack of a streamlined approach to handling and processing business entity data. 

For instance, to get a business entity relationship report the company’s department needed to aggregate data from multiple systems. Since all these procedures were performed by hand it resulted in extremely long waiting times. This also created a risk of receiving incomplete or outdated reports as existing data-gathering routines were unable to keep up with updates. Such complications led to low productivity and increased the probability of human error interfering with the identification of legal and compliance risks. 

The client partnered with Trinetix to identify key friction points and develop a powerful strategic master data management system, providing a single view across 10+ enterprise systems.


Enriching business visualization and opportunity discovery with innovation and real-time visibility

With client’s key pain points established early during an in-company discovery session, we already had access to process research data and a list of objectives for future solution:

  • Provide a 360-degree view of business development processes via a single master data management system
  • Update and automate data collection flows to ensure accurate and information-rich reports on business entity relationships
  • Enable complex business entity relationship research with minimal steps
  • Facilitate the identification of legal and compliance risks for more accurate and informed decision-making

Trinetix UX/UI design team set the work in motion by mapping out the prototype of the master data management system to capture user flows, interactions, and demonstrate the visualization of complex business entity relationships within this system. After validating the prototype with key stakeholders, we proceeded with development. 

Our master data management platform consisted of four major components.

01. Matching

A rule-based process that identifies projections of the same business entity in each system involved in relationship research. This became the baseline for the solution, which was further enhanced by a GenAI model that competed with the rule-based algorithm, yielding more accurate and rich results.

02. Relationship analysis

This process involved building a graph of business connections between business entities. Based on this graph, the system would then run calculations, and put together portfolios relevant to the user’s query.

03. Data aggregation

The routine of building a golden record that provides an aggregated, transparent, and detailed outlook on a business entity relationship, along with financial data, legal, and compliance risks.

04. Visualization

An application that puts all the data in front of end users within intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboards

We built a data platform using the capabilities of AWS services and open-source solutions such as AWS Glue, Redshift, EMR, PySpark, and AirFlow. After this, we used GraphQL to make a federated API that allowed harnessing platform data for developing business applications. 

Next, we developed an end-user application that connected to the data platform providing a 360-degree view of business processes.

The end product delivered by Trinetix was a massive strategic tool with a number of game-changing features

  • A comprehensive ecosystem built of relevant and instantly updated data from other enterprise-related systems
  • Accurate and responsive rule-based algorithms and GenAI models notifying users of compliance and legal risks
  • Powerful data analytics features that capture complex business entity relationships and connections across all business systems
  • A user-friendly interface that enabled looking up and viewing business entity relationship data at short notice


We productized the client’s vision of better data transparency and more effective data management within a groundbreaking platform

Having documented increased decision-making efficiency and productivity growth, the client moved to the next stage of collaboration with Trinetix: creating an AI-equipped iteration of the tool to extend the innovative digital transparency for US-based partners.

The delivered solution was seamlessly integrated into the client’s enterprise workflow, cutting out a fraction of redundant manual processes, streamlining business entity relationship research, and accelerating the digital agenda across the enterprise. 

The introduction of this comprehensive master data management system empowered the client with the following value:

  • Embedded 360-degree visibility on complex business entity relationships 
  • Increased the business opportunities discovery rate
  • Accelerated business entity relationship research with next-gen analytics
  • Removed data blindspots from the informational environment
  • Eradicated the risk of non-compliance issues and reputational fines 
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