How Audit Tool Transformation Set The Bar For Enterprise Accounting Worldwide

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As the accounting sector faces a strong need for innovation, enterprises explore ways to bypass their current limitations and accelerate business processes through digital transformation.

These explorations are calculated—and most resultative with a forward-thinking partner capable of identifying long-term value and unlocking ground-breaking opportunities.


Taking a calculated leap from an on-premise product to a diversified global system

Our Fortune 500 client started their transformation journey with the goal to move their pre-audit solution from on-premise to a diversified cloud-based system that would be accessible across the globe and serve as the single point of truth for the entire audit. The realization of that goal required an execution partner with in-depth knowledge of enterprise accounting, experience with design and development of computer software, flexible management, and a focus on mastering the latest technologies.

For that reason they reached out to Trinetix, entrusting us with building a flexible and scalable cloud product with massive data storage and globally accessible capabilities. As our experts explored the client’s niche and key business needs across the regions, they saw the untapped potential for improving an entire enterprise accounting ecosystem—and motivated the client to seize the opportunity to transform business processes at a global scale.


Using proactive practices to set the bar for enterprise accounting


Being the data source for at least 10 different systems across audit, the on-premise tool had limited capabilities and lacked the UX design necessary for facilitating risk assessment and audit planning. To create a new, streamlined, and collaborative user experience, our UX/UI designers developed all workflows and journeys for different roles participating in audit processes to glean smooth and friction-free collaborative processes. Next, they designed a clickable and realistic prototype for in-depth visualization of user interactions with the platform.

This prototype provided a clear outline of audit components, checkpoints, and data necessary for completing each audit phase, giving the client an actionable and transparent understanding of the collaborative tasks within the system.

Once the new system concept was fully crystallized and approved by the client, we continued our work on implementing the project. 


After establishing the tech stack (.Net Core and Angular), our development team and business systems analysis experts built a diversified cloud-based system with the following capabilities:

  • A technological platform for supporting different regulatory policies specific to various regions (with ability to enable modules by demand).
  • A single source of truth: a system for storing large volumes of data in numerous Microsoft Azure containers across the globe, ultimately preserving data integrity within the entire audit ecosystem.
  • A solution supporting different integrations and options for adding new capabilities.
  • A solution that supported the simultaneous storage of different data versions and their consistency.
  • A wide access matrix that would provide regulated access to various types of data based on the user’s task and role. Additionally, the team developed an approval flow for different scenarios of working with the data.
  • A mobile application to further improve accessibility and flexibility.

The massive scale of work led to a rapid scaling of the development team. Initially a 10-person team, we expanded to 70 experts, effectively transitioning from the one team-one product concept to a SAFe release train multi-team approach.

Once the cloud product was ready, we used a wide range of Microsoft Cloud tools to migrate the core functionality of the on-premise solution and established smooth communication between all apps. Parallel to this, we were engaged in supporting the framework of the current version and maintaining it as the single source of truth for the other audit systems, since doing so was vital for successful migration and enterprise operability

The collaborative and exploratory work of our development teams and UX/UI designers enabled the evolution of the system into a versatile, flexible enterprise platform that integrated a large variety of audit services: pre-audit data gathering and analysis, audit data processing, task management, and various service integrations.

The next-gen accounting platform was seamlessly integrated within the client’s enterprise ecosystem, enriching the departments worldwide

  • Platform-as-a-Service that enabled users to select and enable a service necessary for executing audits within a specific region.
  • Data collecting, storage, checking, manipulation, and sending on demand/on schedule to the downstream ecosystem.
  • Multiple data access levels, integrity, and versioning.
  • Consolidation of all customer information via creating individual profiles for each client.
  • Multiple indicators notifying users of missing information, errors to be fixed, client tasks to be completed, and general task status.
  • Automated task creation facilitating the work for users involved in the audit phases.
  • Helpful wizards that optimized engagement data accuracy with detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • Risk assessment enabled directly on the platform.

Reaching project milestones was a demanding task that involved mastering new tech stacks and practices, identifying future-proof usability features, and managing teams in a fast-growing environment.

However, such an effort allowed us to make a successful transition from a one-region solution to a global enterprise-scale platform that offered future-proof functionality. 


Scaling up to an enterprise framework to revolutionize the global enterprise accounting ecosystem with a new, data-driven mindset

With its seamless user flows, fast operation execution, and intelligent handling of big data, the platform cut through top-of-mind enterprise accounting issues, such as data discrepancies, process transparency, and client profile management. 

Currently, it uses the foundation for usability, management, and service integration laid by Trinetix to streamline and facilitate the work for enterprises across the US, Europe, Canada, and China.

The platform developed by Trinetix made a transformative impact on business accounting operations and practices across the globe

  • Replaced numerous tools with one universal mechanism for audits while staying compliant with region-sensitive regulations.
  • Delivered a versatile system that covers specific business needs depending on their region of location.
  • Created a big data cloud solution that is accumulating, verifying, and storing all sets of pre-audit data—providing a significant impact and a single source of truth for downstream systems of the client’s ecosystem.
  • Set new standards for accessibility, transparency, and management of client data across various processes and audit apps.

By providing sophisticated computer system design services, powered with meticulous planning and proactive approach, Trinetix was able to encapsulate the client's business objectives while ensuring adaptability for future technological advancements.

The focus on the scalability, resilience, and performance of every component, ensured a holistic solution that stands the test of time.

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