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Establishing a reliable, bug-free foundation for unparalleled product growth

Our client is a leading global provider of professional services and a Fortune 500 member with a robust brand ecosystem. Aiming to build a one-stop solution for solving all audit and insurance tasks of their customers, they created a concept of a tool with a truly massive scope and capabilities.

Initially, the company dedicated product development to an external vendor but remained dissatisfied with the technical realization—an overly complex architecture design appeared to be absolutely impractical:

  • The application was too expensive to maintain
  • The system was plagued with multiple bugs that affected performance 
  • Adding new functionality and scaling the system was significantly complicated 

Getting no desired results with the previous cooperation, the company started seeking an independent digital partner that will reveal the bottlenecks of the existing product architecture and come up with strategic enhancements.

Having previously worked with our team on other projects, the client was aware of our proven technical expertise in the professional services niche and our nuanced consulting services in the field of design, selection, implementation and use of enterprise software systems. Following such positive experience and collaboration outcomes, the client approached Trinetix for the development of a technical transformation strategy, facilitating sustainable business growth.


Giving the green light to enterprise product transformation with a holistic growth strategy

The first stage of our cooperation involved an in-depth analysis of the system’s architecture, functionality, and performance. Throughout the extensive discovery phase, Trinetix solution architects ran a series of tests and estimates and came up with a set of technical recommendations aimed at tackling the system’s major inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Although the system was built on Microsoft Azure and used its native database to ensure optimal data storage, the initial product architecture had improperly defined service boundaries and complex class structure that affected the overall performance and admitted no chance for scaling.

Based on our findings, we developed an implementation roadmap outlining the key milestones required to progressively elevate our client's technical efficiency and bring their product to a new level of performance and enterprise sustainability. 

Product architecture redesign

  • Establishing proper service boundaries and standardizing service interactions to build an efficient microservice architecture. 
  • Implementing configuration management to ensure systematic control, traceability, and consistency in managing product infrastructure changes.
  • Adjusting the technology stack considering the optimization of infrastructure costs.
  • Refactoring existing class hierarchies to enhance the system’s maintainability and performance.
  • Enhancing code quality to lay a reliable base for consistent and effective long-term maintenance and support.

Once building the updated product foundation, we set to upgrading the system’s functionality by adding two game-changing modules that dramatically improved the auditors’ routines and helped the client gain a competitive advantage over other professional services providers.

Feature development

  • Implementing data reuse functionality to automate auditors’ work by making it possible to restore previous engagements and carry them forward to the next fiscal year.
  • Developing extensive functionality for document management, including financial planning and milestones for progress monitoring, document storing, and sharing capabilities.
  • Introducing agile audit planning to improve teams’ efficiency by dividing their work into achievable sprints. Adding import and export capabilities to ensure seamless communication with stakeholders. 
  • Building a dynamic project plan view, allowing auditors to achieve end-to-end visibility of all audit processes in one place and inspect multiple workspaces at once. 


Pioneering a new digital performance frontier with a future-forward technical solution

The upgraded version of the system has given our client’s business a new surge and paved the way to global recognition, including exponential customer growth and the acquisition of prestigious industry-specific awards.

  • Ensuring a smooth user experience by transitioning the system to micro frontends
  • Achieving stable system performance and trouble-free operations with a strategically designed product architecture and thoroughly selected tech stack 
  • Scaling the system to adopt 25,000 daily active users and host a total of 17,000 newly created engagements 
  • Reducing enterprise costs spent on inefficient data storage by implementing an end-to-end technical optimization strategy
  • Creating complex and innovative functionality that allowed the client to gain a competitive edge in the enterprise market and become the industry pioneer

Initially involved as a digital advisor, Trinetix has proved to be a reliable technology partner and the main enterprise knowledge holder. For 5 years of continuous commitment to the project, the Trinetix team has grown by 10x and continues working together with 20 distributed in-house teams contributing to consistent product evolution.

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