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Bringing the client’s core DeFi product to a fully functional and highly competitive future

Our client provides diverse solutions in the DeFi market, helping veteran crypto enthusiasts and first-time users multiply their digital assets.

Considering our strong track record and deep domain knowledge, the company approached Trinetix with the need to resurrect their core DeFi platform and enable an ever-increasing flow of users by introducing new competitive features and tools.

Existing product was not capable of meeting diverse end-user needs and providing the desired performance and flexibility levels.


Delivering a refined product strategy, a suite of customizable tools, and a multi-stage affiliate program

Trinetix Blockchain CoE conducted a consultative discovery session to review the client’s goals, current state, and expectations. Immediately evident was the need for a complete product makeover.

Our team presented a refined solution vision and roadmap, allowing for future product growth and seamless integration with new tools and upcoming affiliate program. Additionally, we introduced an optimized concept for the multi-stage affiliate program to make it both cost-efficient and technically feasible.


As a first step, our experts built an MVP platform version with a swap machine and tools for staking and LP staking—powered by smart contracts. This version also included a tailored affiliate program, aimed at engaging new users and stimulating increased use of tools within the platform to drive better sales.


Later, we enabled P2P exchanges and implemented a set of lend and borrow dApps, allowing the users to borrow and multiply their digital assets with minimized risks due to built-in calculators and push notifications.


As a next move, our team helped the client optimize end-user fees by transforming the product into a multi-chain solution (supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain). We’ve facilitated smooth transition of current projects to a lower-fee network and ensured frictionless token transfers between the chains by adding a decentralized bridge.


During the final stages, our experts developed financial NFTs that allowed the users to get their assets automatically distributed across liquidity pools, LP staking functionalities, lending dApp, and earn rewards. What’s more, we’ve helped the client develop unique affiliate programs that included the possibility to win, sell, and exchange NFTs via P2P functionality.

Trinetix developed and released a suite of tailored solutions

  • Three different types of affiliate programs
  • A swap engine with a supporting affiliate program
  • Staking family (supporting up to 10 staking scenarios)
  • Governance and DAO tokens
  • Lending and borrowing ecosystem
  • Cross-chain solution with token wrapping
  • P2P cryptocurrency exchange tool
  • Financial derivative NFT token
  • Inner dashboard with full cash flow analytics


An ecosystem of uniquely developed DeFi solutions driving flexibility, increased user engagement, loyalty, and competitive advantage

The step-by-step strategy and a suite of customizable tools delivered by Trinetix Blockchain CoE helped the client gain leverage in the DeFi market and provide the most beneficial offers for diverse end-user goals and preferences.

This uniquely developed ecosystem ensures:

  • Competitiveness due to fast and regular expansion of features and tools
  • Flexibility, usability, and efficiency based on regular platform improvements
  • User engagement due to well-thought-out, multi-stage affiliate programs
  • Increased reliability and customer loyalty as a result of cross-chain bridging
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