Reinventing Iconic Game Concept as a Revolutional Crypto Staking Platform

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Turning the client’s vision into a fully developed and intuitive blockchain game with a P2P marketplace

Amid the growing popularity of play-to-earn games (with the user base representing 52% of the blockchain activity), our client decided to explore the potential for combining nostalgic gameplay, disruptive blockchain technology, and new income opportunities for players.

The result of that exploration was the concept of one the very first play-to-earn web browser games based on Binance Smart Chain. According to the client’s vision, the game would enable players to buy NFT snakes via SNK tokens and then earn more tokens by using the snakes to hunt for pixels, similar to the classic “Snake” gameplay.

To ensure the desired user engagement levels, the company needed a qualified technology partner to transform their vision into a high-class play-to-earn game. For that reason, they reached out to Trinetix Blockchain CoE that had an impressive track record of turning diverse GameFi ideas into revenue-generating products.


Designing a cross-platform solution with a P2P marketplace and nostalgic gameplay

The client provided Trinetix Blockchain CoE with a detailed tokenomics roadmap, a calculated business vision, and visual references, which enabled us to proceed straight to design and project development.

Our team started with building value for game development via pre-sale of artifacts: NFTs that players could use to boost their in-game experience. We designed a set of 10 pre-launch NFT artifacts that were used to build engagement with the community and gain more support for the upcoming game.

Parallel to this, our experts worked on developing the gaming and P2P marketplace platform. To build a truly intuitive platform that required minimum actions—similar to the classic “Snake” game—and provided an intended staking scenario, we created seamless UI/UX designs as well as flexible and intuitive user dashboards.

In the process of building the backend logic and extending the platform, Trinetix Blockchain CoE stayed on high alert, acting in advance and pinpointing exploits before they could be used for cheating. Ultimately, we were able to minimize the probability of cheating, ensuring a high player satisfaction rate.

Our team designed and developed around 5 snake NFTs that also acted as playable characters and SNK tokens (based on EIP20, EIP1155, and EIP721 tokens).

To start playing the game, the users needed to buy an egg containing their chosen snake. After a certain time period (from 24 hours to 3 days depending on the snake type), the egg would hatch and make the purchased snake playable. Players were able to purchase and farm an unlimited number of snakes—the longer they played using a certain snake, the higher its value grew. Ultimately, players could “destroy” their snake and convert its value into revenue or sell it to other players on the P2P marketplace.

To ensure transparency and optimize costs, we introduced balanced gas optimization fees which allowed players to save their money by saving their session progress whenever they quit a game.

As a result, Trinetix developed and released an innovative blockchain gaming platform featuring:
  • Stylish and simple pixel game design
  • Expansive artifact gallery
  • Secure P2P marketplace that enabled fast and safe transactions
  • Intuitive dashboards for players
  • Global monitoring system that showed all player sessions and detailed project statistics
  • Transparent session tracking and instant customer support via integration with Telegram bots
  • Balanced gas optimization costs
  • Accurate and functional staking process
  • User-friendly interface that required minimal actions from users
  • Snake NFTs for playing crypto staking


Delivering an engaging blockchain-based game that gathered an expanding player base, ensured high engagement rates, and built a responsive community

Combining the client’s business vision with the knowledge and experience of Trinetix Blockchain CoE resulted in a reinvention of an iconic and nostalgic game.

The presale stage was a success with artifact sales reaching their peak in two hours (after the start of the event). The gaming platform was well-received by players and saw high engagement rates, with users actively participating in the arena and P2P marketplace exchanges.

The list of the game platform achievements includes:
  • Successful sales campaign that brought around 700 000 USD in the first two hours.
  • Growing community that actively participated in the gaming process and communication.
  • Flexible and scalable platform with the potential for implementing more innovative features and products.
  • High customer retention rates, with multiple players continuously participating in gaming sessions and monitoring updates.
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