Revamping Strategic Planning with AI-Powered Data Intelligence

A Fortune 500 company
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Maximizing data value to enhance decision-making and drive a competitive edge

Our client is a Fortune 500 company providing strategic advisory services to top-tier brands globally.

With business entity relationships creating a constantly changing market context, tapping into emerging opportunities required company practitioners to stay aligned with global corporate dynamics 24/7. 

Typically, monitoring international business updates and communications involved:

  • manual processing of large data volumes from multiple sources
  • analyzing the datasets using several objective criteria
  • filtering to detect relevant information that concerns specific events and business entities

Managed by humans, this tedious process not only required outstanding accuracy but often deprived the company of the privilege of being timely informed about potential clients' strategic movements and resulted in missed business opportunities.


The client aimed to streamline data processing and make sure the employees in charge could quickly focus on relevant information and use it to help the company drive a competitive advantage

Considering our strategic approach to innovation adoption and a deep understanding of the client’s business, the company partnered up with Trinetix.


Developing a hybrid information engine for intelligent data processing

Once acquainted with the client’s business challenges, we started to analyze how employees manage the information coming from external sources to detect specific bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

While overall automation remained an evident objective that would speed up data processing per se, further tactical operations required a future-forward approach to data filtering and selection.

Upon analyzing a typical employee journey with incoming data, we figured out that they spent most of their time at the pre-processing stage—surfing online and looking for relevant communiqués and disclosures.


classifying data coming from internal sources


analyzing data to extract the valuable knowledge


using the data to drive actionable insights


Acting as a strategic digital partner, we brought our technical efforts and impact-oriented mindset to develop a smart data classification system.

This allowed company practitioners to get well-structured insights and focus on data with the most promising business potential.

  1. We used our client’s in-house data platform hosted on AWS to create centralized storage for incoming business updates. 
  1. Using a built-in machine learning platform, we deployed a pre-trained natural language processing (NLP) model that made the foundation of the future data classification system.
  1. To make the modelcapable of classifying the incoming data, we prepared a training dataset and tested it in action. 
  1. After getting the expected result, we fine-tuned the model to make it consider specific criteria (for example, names of relevant business entities or initiative types) during classification.
  1. To enable enhanced accuracy, we completed our data classification system with generative AI capabilities by integrating a popular LLM and training it to decide about data relevancy using the principle of few-shot learning.


Improving strategic navigation and rethinking efficiency through reinvented data intelligence

Being both innovative and relevant, the solution developed in partnership with Trinetix appeared to be highly efficient in practice. A combination of conventional language processing mechanisms and the use of generative AI for enhanced precision resulted in improved business outcomes and brought several game-changing advantages:

  • Automated data filtering contributed to improved time efficiency and allowed company employees to focus on delivering strategic insights, eliminating manual errors.
  • Accurate data classification enabled informed decision-making thus giving our client a strong competitive advantage by timely processing large data volumes.
  • Real-time data monitoring facilitated adaptability to market changes, enabling prompt responses to opportunities or threats thus preserving industry dominance.
  • Intelligent process automation allowed for reducing employee workload and contributed to better operational efficiency and cost optimization.

Working closely with the client’s business teams, we continuously explore emerging market opportunities and research the potential value of innovation upon the company’s request.

Despite holding significant possibilities, the adoption of AI and machine learning inevitably involves trading off between latency, cost, and efficiency. At Trinetix, we strategically navigate these trade-offs for each unique case, ensuring that businesses derive maximum value from innovation.

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