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Our client is a Big Four accounting leader providing field-based services to A-list enterprises globally.

Launching a new digital offering, the company aimed to bring accuracy and systematization to brand health measurement—a complex audit process that includes on-site and off-site monitoring, maintenance, and enhancement of the overall brand performance.


Standardizing brand inspection flows to enable process consistency and automation

The brand health ecosystem was characterized by a few process-centric obstacles our client needed to solve with the future product.

  • The dynamic business context and the need to embrace different online and offline venues and touchpoints required building a reliable, up-to-date infrastructure hosted in the cloud.
  • The diversity and complexity of brand audit routines mandated implementing state-of-the-art functionality that would drive enhanced collaboration and guarantee holistic brand evaluation.
  • Collecting the whole variety of industry-specific standards and metrics in one place required smooth user experiences. Otherwise, assessment routines would lose speed and efficiency.

Challenged by the scope of work and driven by the need to give frontline teams the tools needed to fulfill the promise of global customers, the company partnered up with Trinetix.


Incrementally creating a highly customizable all-encompassing brand health check solution

The initial stage of our collaboration involved understanding how the inspection process looks in detail, while the global objective was providing a detailed and consistent implementation strategy tailored to a specific technical background, audit routines, and user roles.

Since our first touch with the client, we clearly understood that the product had the potential to streamline global brand assessment practices. This made us think of a long-term strategy that would involve rapid product scaling while prioritizing actual business goals and market requirements.

Over time, our proactive approach to product innovation, coupled with unwavering dedication to the client's business goals and aspirations, has secured unparalleled ownership and fostered a lasting partnership that spans a full spectrum of product engineering practices.


Focusing on product growth, we aimed to provide our client with a secure and reliable foundation for new feature onboarding. Considering this, we conducted a comprehensive redesign of the existing product architecture, transforming it into a cloud-enabled solution hosted on AWS, seamlessly integrating Azure Active Directory for enhanced identity and access management. 


As the product was scaling, we focused on providing maximum value to inspectors and audit practitioners. This involved developing extensive functionality for both web and mobile platforms. 

While the full implementation scope was truly immense, it included the following:

  • Enabling inspection workflow customization and developing a unique scoring system to deliver increased process efficiency and drive highly accurate outcomes
  • Implementing smart system triggers that would instantly notify inspectors about any discrepancies and allow them to easily re-initiate the evaluation process
  • Facilitating data enablement and introducing a suite of comprehensive custom reports utilizing data warehouse imprints for streamlined access to information
  • Introducing collaborative inspection functionality to allow brand teams to work together and track progress in real-time
  • Developing virtual assessment functionality to enable efficient online inspection in times of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Launching an innovative offline mode, facilitating a seamless inspection flow and providing flexibility to mobile users
  • Providing full product localization and no-limit translation support for system globalization and its consistent use by multinational teams



Ensuring consistent product evolution required delivering smooth and user-centered experiences that would help the client onboard innovation while preserving practitioners’ productivity and efficiency. 

To uphold this balance, our UI/UX design team developed a no-barrier information architecture and created flexible layouts that wouldaccelerate product delivery, enable smooth experiences while scaling the functionality, and ensure intuitive digital experiences for practitioners at various levels of tech literacy across different platforms. 

With more brands starting to employ the product in their operations, design was granted a new role—personalizing experiences and maintaining a unique brand image for every company using the system. To achieve this objective, our team introduced dynamic color and content changes on the product landing page and enabled end-to-end customization of all system modules.

Enabling rapid product scaling and driving a unique market proposition loved by top-tier brands


Working in collaborative synergy with the client, we gave birth to a strategic performance management platform that’s helping blue-chip corporations betterunderstand and fulfill customer expectations using technology and analytics.

A combination of well-thought-out product architecture, robust functionality, and perfectly native experiences resulted in enhanced business outcomes and brought the client a myriad of privileges:

  • Streamlined access to performance data allowed platform users to easily pinpoint areas of opportunity and quickly became our client’s strong competitive advantage
  • A solid focus on enhanced remote collaboration and instant data availabilitycontributed to an overall improvement in the inspection process efficiency
  • End-to-end system customization allowed the client to embrace a wider pool of customers and ensured a deeper market penetration
  • Ultimate personalization and consistent user experiences facilitated innovation onboarding and supported continuous product scaling

Overall, the solution created in collaboration with Trinetix helped the client confirm its leading market position and was recognized by premier brands for its significant contribution to continuous performance improvement.

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