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Switching the gears from manual to automated tax document validation to cover the escalating workload and secure an unparalleled standard of quality

Our Big Four client’s tax department worked with a pre-existing solution for tax automation but it was lacking scalability potential and certain crucial aspects of core functionality. The current validation and cross-checking process involved working with documents in different formats based on the jurisdiction, ranging from 25 to over 3,000 pages each. More so, during the peak seasons, the tax department had to manage around 60,000 sets of documents for reconciliation. 

The tax professionals also engaged in manual validation of tax information from diverse sources. These PDF documents, showcasing distinct layouts, can extend up to 120 pages per document. With the expansion of the practice, the scale of the task has grown significantly, encompassing thousands of documents and involving the comparison of up to 4500 fields on a daily basis—a scope well beyond human capacity. 

Given this escalating workload, an all-encompassing automation of the workflow has become a necessity to uphold the high standard of service delivered by the client. The client partnered with Trinetix to access our intelligent automation expertise and produce a strategic impact on the accuracy and efficiency of its tax departments.


A platform-agnostic automation solution for unrestrained scalability, precision, and performance

The start of the project was not typical since the pre-existing solution lacked proper documentation and critical aspects of functionality. Our team had to pick it apart, conduct product discovery, clarify the client’s requirements, and re-engineer it according to the client’s scaling demands. The client’s strategic goals have been a top priority throughout the discovery stage so we made sure the solution accounts for the changing demands for tax filings across different jurisdictions. 

As part of our discovery phase, the team researched a variety of optical character recognition (OCR) tools, prioritizing alignment with the client's business and technical prerequisites. The chosen tool, being optimal in terms of performance and cost-efficiency, was seamlessly integrated into a platform-independent automation solution. The OCR tool ensured error-free extraction of data from extensive PDF documents.

Trinetix's Intelligent Automation CoE (Center of Excellence) conceptualized and created an automated solution that spans the entire process. This solution has been seamlessly incorporated into the client's tax portal. Our team selected a fitting third-party solution to guarantee the accurate extraction of data from extensive PDF documents. Additionally, we thoughtfully designed the infrastructure to eliminate the need for additional hardware resources and the associated maintenance costs.

What sets this solution apart is its platform-agnostic nature, which prevents vendor lock. This characteristic not only promotes cost-effectiveness but also enables effortless scalability.


Enabling validation and cross-checking of tax forms in different formats and setting up a new standard of accuracy and efficiency

The client's tax department can now conduct tax reconciliation at a level of quality and speed that is nearly unattainable through manual document processing.

Swift and precise handling of extensive volumes of data provides our client with a competitive edge in delivering professional tax services. 

Trinetix’s solution offers several critical advantages that will continue to deliver a tangible impact on the efficiency of tax departments in the long run.

  • Cost-effectivenessand high ROI areguaranteed through a tailor-made, platform-agnostic development approach.
  • Enhanced, rapid, and precise handling of extensive data volumes, leading to a competitive edge in professional tax services.
  • Liberated up to 60,000 human hours ayear for value-added activities as tax experts can redirect their efforts toward tasks of greater strategic importance.
  • Scalable and flexible solution that will expand along with the growth of the client’s business and the amount of processed data.

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