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Our Fortune 500 client is a leading professional services provider that embraces around 400K employees working in 700 office locations worldwide.

Yet, the company’s workforce is constantly on the go: the employees regularly travel between physical offices and extensively embrace a hybrid work model.

This has made efficient space management and streamlined employee experiences the organization’s top priorities.


Empowering efficient space management and optimizing employee experiences for distributed enterprise teams

Our client was spending millions of dollars annually to operate and maintain multiple office facilities all over the globe. At the same time, the dynamic business environment and constantly changing workplace context required a long-term management optimization strategy focused on:

  • Sustainable workplace utilization that would allow for efficient office space management and decrease maintenance expenses
  • Employee experience transformation aimed at improving enterprise productivity, streamlining hybrid collaboration, and reducing the admin burden on office workers
  • Developing an agile workplace management methodology that would become the company’s competitive advantage in the market 

Building and implementing such a dedicated space management solution required a strategic digital partner.

That’s why, considering our expertise in workplace transformation and previous experience of successful enterprise-scale collaborations, the client approached Trinetix.


Implementing a holistic workplace modernization strategy that marks a new era of product evolution

The scope of work

The project scope and the company’s ambitious business goals have brought us to the development of a state-of-the-art digital workplace concept that required a strategic omni-solution approach to enterprise transformation.


  • Product design workshops and feedback gathering
  • Developing and validating PoC
  • Usability testing
  • Experience diversification


  • Hybrid collaboration capabilities
  • Booking automation
  • Information management
  • Integrations with third-party services


  • Developing an independent process management system
  • Transition from a third-party enterprise management system to an in-house solution

Transformation efforts

Workplace modernization

  • Establishing a secure cloud-based digital workplace infrastructure for enhanced employee collaboration
  • Setting up integrations with a dedicated email client and other third-party services
  • Introducing comprehensive information management assets
  • Flexible integrations with catering and concierge service 

Employee experience optimization

  • Ensuring comprehensive space availability views and intuitive reservation flows
  • Providing information about available room equipment and nearby amenities
  • Creating enhanced virtual meeting experiences for improved hybrid collaboration
  • Implementing a smart virtual booking assistant

Productivity improvement

  • Developing personalized working week plans for hybrid workers
  • Automating the booking of meeting rooms and individual workstations 
  • Introducing smart availability notifications and updates 
  • Optimizing interactions with a facility’s back office 

Insights into workforce and processes

  • Implementing real-time space availability tracking
  • Providing insights into physical workplace utilization
  • Introducing a smart space management system that suggests optimal workplaces according to the actual office load and employee preferences
  • Enabling cross-location employee productivity measurement

Mutual efforts of the Trinetix experience design, business analysis, and engineering teams resulted in the creation of a highly integrated digital workplace with extensive space management capabilities.

Productizing a timeless digital workplace concept that evolves in line with the changing business and market needs


A deep understanding of the client’s business goals and pain points paired with our teams’ technical excellence, lean approach to product design, and utmost dedication turned this partnership into a long-term success story that continues up to the present moment.

Moving step-by-step, we created and implemented a scalable digital workplace that helped the client foresee future challenges and keep their enterprise teams operational and productive, preserving the exceptional brand’s reputation in the changing business landscape.

The client's Operations and Business teams highlighted numerous game-changing benefits they gained through collaboration with Trinetix.

  • Enhanced hybrid collaboration through intuitive location-agnostic employee experiences
  • Boosted operational efficiency by liberating the time spent on manual space management and booking 
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction at work
  • Enabled sustainable workplace usage and optimized costs spent on office maintenance
Since our first touch with the client back in 2015 till the present moment, their business needs, our collaboration, and the product itself have transformed much. Standing hand-by-hand with the client for years now, I can state that we created a timeless solution that continues to evolve as the world changes.

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