Advancing Logistics Quoting and RFP Management with Generative AI

A US-based transportation brokerage firm
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Our client is a privately owned US-based technology company providing transportation solutions and 3PL services to global shippers and American carriers. 

One of the company’s key strategic operational functions was request-for-proposal (RFP) management.

Done manually, this multifaceted process involved handling incoming requests from customers, calculating transportation costs, and sending quotes back via email.


Increasing operational capacity and ensuring faster response times to thrive in a highly competitive market

The competitive market landscape required our client to efficientlyprocess and respond to RFPs within the shortest possible time. However, this was challenging due to complications in the existing quotation process:

  • Price calculations involved multiple analytics tools and data sources, slowing down response times.
  • Human-managed quoting and email communication reduced speed and accuracy, causing delays.
  • Switching between multiple mailboxes put efficiency at risk and led to missed opportunities.

As increasing operational capacity and boosting revenue potential became imperative, the company approached Trinetix for the development of a dedicated end-to-end solution, marking the next milestone in our ongoing partnership.


Introducing multimodal AI for 360-degree RFP management efficiency

Coming up with an efficient RFP management solution required an in-depth understanding of the company’s existing request-handling processes, as well as analysis of the technical backbone and data infrastructure behind the quoting flow.

Apart from identifying the need for end-to-end process automation, our business analysts discovered another peculiarity that played an important role in shaping the future solution:

The RFPs received by our client typically consisted of unstructured emails containing text, tables, and images (for example, a screenshot from a transportation or order management system). 

This fact made our strategic technology team look for a more advanced multimodal solution.

Working side-by-side with the client’s team, Trinetix outlined measurable project KPIs and defined a success formula to holistically transform the current RFP flow, securing the company’s competitive advantage.

01. Achieving data integrity and completeness

We started by creating a consolidated space for receiving and storing crucial decision-making information, minimizing the number of tools and data sources used. We then integrated this space into the client’s core system, previously developed by Trinetix.

02. Implementing AI-enhanced data analytics capabilities

As essential load details were coming in both text and image RFP formats, we chose to utilize multimodal AI for the extraction and analysis of unstructured data.

03. Introducing data-driven pricing

We enhanced the system with automated pricing capabilities, empowering our client to accurately calculate transportation costs across various scenarios using data-driven insights.

04. Streamlining quoting and response processes

Finally, we integrated a generative AI model into the core of the newly developed solution to create structured and relevant outputs and allow for instant quote generation available directly from the company’s mailboxes.

Embedded into the company’s digital workplace, the solution represented a perfect mixture of top-notch data analytics best practices and cutting-edge custom AI applied to every step of the existing RFP management process.


Driving improved revenue potential through mission-critical operations transformation

Our deep understanding of our client's business and the strategic approach to innovation empowered our team to transform their mission-critical operations, delivering several game-changing advantages through AI enablement.

  • Processing a larger volume of freight quote requests, and scaling operations without compromising on speed or accuracy.
  • Increasing win ratios by enabling quicker turnaround times and offering more competitive pricing strategies.
  • Accelerating quotation processes by reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced visibility into analytics and performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic insights.
  • Achieving revenue growth by optimizing quote management and enhancing operational efficiency.

Acting as a dedicated technology partner, Trinetix continues to collaborate with the company to unlock more growth opportunities and secure a strong competitive advantage in the evolving logistics landscape.

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