Productizing a Unique Brand Health Measurement Concept for a Fortune 100 Enterprise

A Fortune 100 company
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Develop and expand a 360° business solution with a single industry-agnostic product

Our client, a world-renowned Fortune 100 enterprise, provides consulting services and field audit solutions to some of the most recognized global brands.

The client faced a number of major integration challenges after acquiring a customer experience measurement business.

Technology operationalization

The existing technology toolkit consisted of several products, none of which fully satisfied the requirements of global field audit teams. Given their strategic goal of expanding from hospitality to other industries, it was clear the existing solutions were severely inadequate and required end-to-end operationalization. 

Addressing global business imperatives

The client’s business scale demanded 24/7 365-day solutions for global customers with the following requirements:

  • Multi-language support
  • Location-agnostic 24/7 operations support 
  • Ease of data collection regardless of brands’ specific quality control requirements
  • Smooth user experiences on web and mobile, specifically centered around discretion
  • Flexible and adaptable data-gathering information architecture
  • Strong reporting and operational metrics
  • Scalable architecture, supporting hundreds of thousands of users globally
  • A tailored security model that keeps clients’ data protected and isolated

Rapid business expansion

Preserving market leadership and continuing company success, primarily depended on their ability to expand beyond the hospitality sector, without additional material technology investment.


Create a technology-rich cloud-native platform that evolves to meet changing business and market needs

After analyzing the scope, which included working closely with the client’s teams to set priorities and explore brand inspection processes and their specifics, we outlined an actionable roadmap that included 4 key milestones:

01. Release 1.0

One of the initial project goals was the development of a fully functional product version at a much larger scale. Trinetix assessed the existing workflows and tech stack to identify bottlenecks. We then developed a tailored implementation strategy for maximum efficiency within tight launch date constraints.

In addition to overseeing product realization, our team focused on maintaining sustainable and efficient communication with key stakeholders while laying the groundwork for future product growth. This dedication, combined with our strategic impact-oriented approach, led to the client signing their first contract with a global hospitality leader which was designed for further expansion.

02. Embarking on product diversification

Soon after the successful initial launch, the product attracted the attention of more globally recognized businesses including one of the world’s largest retailers, a major US-based airline company, a national naval organization, and America’s leading fast food chain. 

Rapid product expansion brought new challenges: our client needed to implement soft data structures and a highly customizable UI so companies could easily adapt the layouts, re-label components, and adjust the system for specific workflows while allowing on-the-fly changes to guarantee 360° compliance with evolving inspection standards and customer expectations.

03. Cloud migration and optimization

The varied standards, visual proofs, and questionnaires of brand inspections, combined with rapid product expansion, led our client to manage terabytes of data in a physical data center. While on-premise storage of globally federated data created a major barrier to further product growth, cloud enablement was the only viable solution. 

Another challenging component was the need for flexible data collection and storage. Our team developed an innovative cloud-hosted data infrastructure that delivered seamless product scaling with low latency. Added to that, we enabled a secure and controlled environment and successfully completed the necessary migration and optimization processes.

04. Ensuring real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting

Enabling end-to-end compliance with industry standards required a well-planned data enablement strategy and a self-sufficient analytics reporting system to ensure access to real-time insights.

We integrated intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics and introduced a suite of comprehensive custom reports utilizing data warehouse imprints to ensure real-time data availability across all mobile platforms.

As our client’s teams utilized many inspection devices, we also focused on enhancing online collaboration to ensure seamless digital experiences across both web and mobile.

  • Implementing comprehensive inspection forms with online update capabilities
  • Facilitating system inspection forms versioning for change tracking
  • Launching an offline inspection mode for greater mobility
  • Developing a dedicated mobile app with self-assessment capabilities
  • Launching multiple audit scoring modes
  • Introducing customizable in-app and email notifications 
  • Developing customizable rule-based system triggers
  • Integrating IoT devices to enable automatic data collection

As the solution evolved, Trinetix helped the client enrich the existing product with innovative trip-planning capabilities. This module allowed brand inspectors to build efficient travel routes as they moved between different venues.

Over the six-year partnership timeframe, Trinetix turned into a trusted strategic advisor and the driving force behind innovative ideas that made the product stand out.


Generate recurring revenue and drive a unique value proposition required by top-tier global brands

The platform Trinetix designed and implemented represented a one-of-a-kind concept that quickly gained traction among leading global brands.

Its unprecedented agility and scalability enabled the client to expand their services across different industries, making it a key brand health enablement asset for A-list international corporations.

A few measurable results the client achieved with Trinetix included:

  • 400+ global enterprises using the product for brand protection and measurement 
  • reaching 600K+ active users
  • generating $60+ million in recurring revenue
Trinetix was the driving force behind the engineering and development efforts and delivered all of our requirements. Their leadership, engineering and delivery capabilities were instrumental in the on-time delivery and long-term support of the platform. We definitely would not be successful without this critical partnership.

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