Streamlining Private Wealth Management Through Tailored Tax Automation

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Our client is a Big Four member providing financial advisory to US-based customers including net-worth individuals, trust funds, and privately-owned enterprises.

With efficient tax planning being a building block of successful wealth management, the company was seeking ways to streamline tax administration as a way to maximize the value of their services.


Reducing tax administration pressure to focus on maximizing clients’ wealth

The abundance of linear process-specific routines, their tedious nature, and the volumes of data that tax practitioners needed to process created several major challenges that our client aimed to solve:

  • Speed up tax calculation and reconciliation to improve productivity and streamline preparation for the tax busy season
  • Optimize tax form submission to maximize tax efficiency, minimize liabilities, and ensure accurate reporting, improving overall portfolio management
  • Reduce manual overload and the human factor to secure clients from financial and reputational risks 

Considering our proven expertise with enterprise-scale process automation and inspired by the results gained from our previous engagements, the client dedicated solving these challenges to Trinetix.


Introducing intelligent tax bots that take over key document management and reporting processes

To define the most effective ways of addressing the client’s needs with tax administration, our team conducted an end-to-end business analysis that encompassed:

  • Understanding key practitioners’ routines and challenges that are typical for the peak season 
  • Acknowledging industry-specific regulations and responsibilities they carry for net-worth entities
  • A deep dive into the variety of tax requirements and forms that regulate federal tax obligations for private wealth management (706, 709, 990, 1040,1041)

The research allowed our team to define the value of automation as improving overall tax administration efficiency while preserving the expected outcome—consistent and compliant private wealth maximization.

To give this strategy a go, our team focused on implementing intelligent bots that would replace cumbersome and error-prone manual routines related to two key tax administration areas:

01. Document management
02. Reporting and analytics


This allowed us to automate several routine types, including the following:

Tax form storage and processing 

  • Easy retrieval of raw clients’ data stored in the dedicated database
  • Streamlined data processing using a set of tailored templates and tools
  • Automated tax form filling 

Tax form version management

  • Automatic detection of corrected or updated information that’s crucial to accurately report on business income
  • Easy change management achieved by automatically updating the key form once the lower-lever information in subforms is adjusted

Tax return filing and submission

  • Improved taxpayer data collection using built-in extraction functionality with comprehensive prompts
  • Easy tax form retrieval and export capabilities for streamlined data review, update, and re-submission

Additionally, we introduced comprehensive analytics that allowed the company to effectively measure success and harness the culture of continuous improvement.

Each automation solution created by Trinetix was made to perfectly fit with the current product setup, making them highly efficient and easy for tax practitioners to use.


Enabling secure and compliant business continuity through tailored process automation

Bringing RPA to the core of tax administration routines allowed our client to rethink tedious and inefficient manual processes that were hindering enterprise productivity during the tax busy season.


Integrated into the existing product ecosystem, the automation solutions delivered by Trinetix were exclusively effective in practice and allowed our client to achieve several business-specific objectives.

  • Enabling continuous and personalized tax support during the peak season
  • Reducing the time practitioners used to spend completing the tax lifecycle
  • Enhancing tax processing precision by reducing the human factor
  • Maximizing ROI from automation
  • Minimizing reputational risks by ensuring compliance with changing tax filing requirements

Automating tedious and complex tax processes built the foundation for innovative and compliant wealth management and allowed our client to preserve market leadership and endure loyalty among top-tier customers. 

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